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Chance of getting a date: (4.7 / 5)
Easy of Use: (4.9 / 5)
Popularity: (4.7 / 5)
Safety: (5.0 / 5)
Features: (4.7 / 5)

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Are you looking for a free sugar mama dating site that will give you the kind of experience you expect? Many people expect online dating to be a hassle-free exercise but rarely do they get that. If you are looking for a casual dating site that makes your search for romance and intimacy easy, try Flirt.com. Here, there is no monkey business. People who sign up on this site are here to get a casual hookup, period. After all, Flirt.com has a number of great features that make that possible. It bills itself as the most mainstream hot sugar momma dating site out there.  You would expect them to know a lot about online dating, given the number of years it has been in existence since its founding in 1995.

Sign up process

Before you sign up for Flirt.com, first check out the number of people using the website near your current location. That way, you will have an idea of the chances you have of getting a compatible mate. After all, your mission is to find a sugar mama dating younger men near you. If you live in a big city, it gets even easier for you.

To sign up on this free sugar mama dating site, you have to be in the 18-78 age bracket. The sign-up process is as easy as can be. In fact, you will take very few minutes to start using their great services. Once you have filled in your personal details, you will have to choose between the free option and the upgraded one. To upgrade, you will have to pay a subscription fee to access the extra features they provide.

During sign-up, you have two options. You can either proceed to the Flirt.com website or connect to your Facebook account. In a simple and straightaway process, the information from Facebook will be transferred to your Flirt.com account. Signing up for this free sugar mommy site involves providing personal information such as you gender, date of birth, username, email address, and password. You will then provide your zip code and check the privacy policy box after which you are ready to start using Flirt.com.

How to locate potential matches

The first things you will interact with as a user of Flirt.com are the profile photos. You can ‘like’ or comment on these pictures if you want to initiate a connection. Alternatively, you can send a ‘photo request’ to those members whose pictures you already ‘like’. If they opt to send you the photos, you will be able to view them in privacy. Like other sugar mama dating websites, photo requests will appear as notifications in your message inbox.

If you want, search for your potential matches on the basis of the criteria you will define for yourself. You might want to base this on age, gender, ethnicity, and location. By clicking search, you will be a number of possible matches. That means you will have to sift through to find exactly the kind of sugar mama you are looking for.

How to communicate with other members

The primary communication method with other members of this sugar mama dating online service is through messaging. You can send messages to just about anyone. However, if you are a free member, you may not get replies from premium members. In case you get replies to your messages, there are indications that your target sugar mama is also interested in you.

There are many creative ways of communicating on free sugar mama dating sites. Think about ‘winks’. If you are feeling flirty, don’t hesitate to send winks to potential mates. After all, that is what you are here for – to ‘flirt’. Once they get the message, they can respond and kick off a relationship that will take you places.

Flirt.com has a number of chat rooms going by the names “Naughty but Nice” and “Meet Me”. With these, you can hold live conversations with a number of members at a go. Who knows? You might start by connecting with a number of members before you settle on one. Like other sugar momma chat rooms, these may include adult content. However, normal topics include politics, sexuality, and hobbies. Pick out one member and send them a direct message, if you want.


Some of the greatest features on Flirt.com have already been discussed. However, that doesn’t mean that the remaining ones are inferior. They include the following:

  • Trusted. Here is how to stay away from any fake profiles or scam artists. This sugar mama site allows you to check out different profiles to see if their identity is confirmed and verified. If the profile is okay, it will show a unique icon indicating that it is indeed ‘trusted’.
  • Naughty mode. If you activate this feature, you will be able to unlock the sexy pictures posted by sugar mamas and which have been made available to you too.
  • Invisible. Are you a paid up sugar mommy? This feature allows you to view other people’s profiles without revealing your identity.


When it comes to payment, female members of this hot sugar mama dating site don’t pay anything. That’s not so for the men who are required to pay for an upgrade. You will be required to pay through any of the following options:

  • A three-day trial where you will pay $5.
  • One-month membership where they charge $35.
  • Three-month membership which will cost you $60.
  • Six-month membership which is worth $96.


Although this is a free sugar mommy site, the information they collect is kept in confidence. Most of your profile information will be visible to other Flirt.com users. Take your personal details and profile photo. You can be sure that your credit card details and bank account numbers are kept confidential and out of the hands of fraudsters.

Active members

Being one of the oldest sites for sugar momma dating online, Flirt.com has over 70 million active users worldwide. That gives you a high chance of meeting the exact person you are looking for. Who wouldn’t want that?

If you are looking for a trusted free sugar momma website, try this one.

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